Intuitive Eating Coaching 
for mindful individuals

Transform your relationship with food to connect with your body and nourish yourself in a sustainable way.


Get off the emotional

roller coaster

What are you missing out on because you don't feel at home in your body?

What would you spend time on if your mind wasn't filled with thoughts about food?

Take your health back into your hands through Food Liberation!


I'm Mayuko,

your Intuitive Eating Coach

As a Registered Dietitian​ of 12 years seeing over 2000 patients and a yoga teacher...

I believe when you transform your relationship with food, you will live out a life you love and take time for what’s most important to you.


I'm passionate about providing heart-centered care. 


I'm here to listen and hold your hand throughout your journey.

It's Possible To...

  •  Nourish your body and soul in an intuitive and sustainable way

  • Feel confident in your skin and clothes you love

  • Manage your stress & energy and end emotional eating for good

  • Spend your energy on what’s important to you

  • Live your life to the fullest

         …. without feeling like you need to go on another short-lived diet 


Chloe C.

I can confidently say that it was the best decision I made this year because I’m in a place that I would not have seen myself ever or even 3 months ago.


Alex N.

I feel a new sense of freedom and peace in all areas of my life. I am an intuitive eater, I am more aware of the needs of my body, and I love who I am and the ways I am becoming more of my truer self.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 6.01.55 PM.png

Bridget T.

The steps in her program have allowed me to further harvest a relationship to food & my being that I only wish I had growing up. So happy to say: Better late than never!!

Kind Words

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