Heal your relationship with food.

Quit dieting for good. Heal your relationship with food and your body through 90-day intuitive eating coaching, so you can free yourself from dieting and be confident in your skin.


Get off the emotional

roller coaster

What are you missing out on because you aren't confident in your body?

What would you spend time on if your mind wasn't filled with thoughts about food?

Take your health back into your hands through Food Liberation!

Find out if Food Liberation is for you.

I will prepare

a customized plan that gets you results.

Receive one-on-one online coaching.

Your 90-day Path to Healing

1. Discovery Call

2. Enroll

3. Transform


I'm Mayuko,

your Intuitive Eating Coach

As a Registered Dietitian​ of 11 years seeing over 2000 patients and yoga teacher...


I will help you stop dieting for good and reclaim your health.


I'm passionate about providing heart-centered care. 


I'm here to listen and hold your hand throughout your journey.

It's Possible...

❖ To trust your body to know what & how much to eat


❖ To feel confident in your body


❖ To manage your stress and emotions without binge eating

❖ To enjoy the foods you love, guilt-free


❖ To show up for yourself and your love ones

                    ...without going on yet another diet

Kind Words

Chloe C.

"Mayuko you are very supportive, attentive and gentle which made it feel like such a safe space to walk into."

Alexandra N.

"I never realized how my relationship with food had negatively impacted so many other areas of my life. I have never felt more free to just be myself."

Rika T.

"I'm grateful that I had Mayuko as my coach. Because of her guidance, I'm now able to live a much healthier and happier lifestyle! I feel so confident!"

Are you an Emotional Eater?

Receive a 5-Minute Meditation on Managing Emotions.

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