Hi, I'm Mayuko


I believed at a young age that my purpose was to help people lead healthier happier lives.

In 2009, I became a Registered Dietitian to do exactly that.


But working in healthcare, I soon realized that I wasn’t truly helping people in the way I’d imagined.

Patients were seeking human connection and emotional support, which were missing in the healthcare system.

I spent the next 8 years in hospitals across Los Angeles.

But it wasn’t until I started practicing yoga that I started to see a crack of something MORE for me: my true purpose.  


I explored my truth for the first time in my life. I connected to my body and understood the physical sensations as manifestations of my suppressed emotions.

Having ignored my truth for far too long, I started having constant tightness in my jaw and waking up during the night with stomach aches. The only thing getting me out of bed for work was listening to guided affirmations. 


One day, I clearly remember thinking, if I don’t take my life into my own hands, I will be 40 and still on this unaligned path, still miserable. 


Leaving my career was the first time I remember following my intuition.

My pain went away, just like that.  Going against expectations for the first time in my life was scary at first but it was the most liberating and rewarding experience.


That one decision to step into my truth was exactly what I needed

to create the life that was authentically me.  It led me to start helping people in the way that was true to me and what was missing in healthcare.

It eventually led me to move to where I always dreamed of:

the nature-rich countryside of Japan.

Since saying yes to my truth, my initial purpose to help people improve their health shifted to helping people follow their path and unlocking their fullest lives because that is happiness and good health.

I am here to guide you to connect to your body and listen to your intuition...


so you can do all the things you love and no longer be held back by your relationship with food.


By integrating my background in nutrition, yoga, and my heart for you living your fullest life, I am so honored to bring you

Food Liberation. 


Kind Words

"I felt seen, heard, valued and supported throughout the 90 days. Mayuko helped me heal my relationship with food, but also helped me develop a nourishing, loving relationship with my own body."

- Ilani F.

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