90 day Intuitive Eating Coaching to heal your relationship with food and your body

It's possible to...

Feel confident in your body

Manage stress and prevent binge eating

Trust your body to know what to eat and how much to eat

Focus on the things in your life that are important to you

Participate in social activities you've been avoiding

Quit dieting for good



This program is for someone who:

•Feels defeated being on and off diets without lasting results

•Desires a holistic approach to health

•Wants to accept and love their body

•Is ready for an anti-diet approach to get past shame and guilt that take over their day to day


This program is NOT for someone who:

•Is looking for a quick fix program that promises weight loss

•Isn't ready to trust in a process that releases rules and discipline

What You'll Get

  • You’ll be supported with a high touch 1:1 coaching calls 3 times a month and in-between email access

  • I’ll teach you my proven framework on how to navigate the ten principles of Intuitive Eating

  • I’ll teach you how to practice mindfulness, not just when you eat but in your day to day

  • You’ll learn how to tune into your hunger and fullness so you will be able to eat the amount that your body needs, without the monkey mind getting in the way

  • Be able to focus on the things in your life that you love, without wasting time focusing on thoughts about food and your body

  • Know that someone deeply cares that you take your health into your own hands so you don’t ever have to go back to dieting

If you are ready to heal your relationship to food and your body, I invite you to Food Liberation.

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