If you define your health by what you eat and BMI, think again.

What does it mean to be HEALTHY? ⁠

We often associate healthy with eating well, exercising, being fit, and being a certain size.

But this understanding of "healthy" ignores other crucial components of health.

I once worked with someone who was very careful with his diet. He was also a dietitian and super disciplined. But I saw how anxious and stressed he was. It was almost unbearable to watch. He was hyper-focused on each ingredient in his food and jumping out of his chair whenever someone came by his office.

He ended up having a stroke (fortunately he recovered). But he was only in his 30’s! ⁠

If you are defining your health by what you eat, your BMI, how many miles you ran, think again.⁠

Being healthy means healthy physically, mentally, AND emotionally. ⁠

Ask yourself these questions to reconsider your definition of health⁠:

1. Are you measuring health with numbers? (BMI, what you eat, etc)⁠

Numbers may be a good indicator for your health but only if used wisely. If you're someone who looks at the number on the scale and says "oh, let me get back on track" and it's really that simple - then by all means keep doing what you're doing. But those of you who freak out over any weight change, you might want to even get rid of your scale.

Were you "good" today because you had a salad for lunch? Were you "bad" yesterday because you cheated and had two donuts?

2. Do you feel good in your body? ⁠

Because we tend to be so focused on numbers and how we look to measure our health, we often forget to notice how we feel in our body. Check in with yourself to see how you feel - it matters.

3. How would you FEEL at your best health? ⁠

Would you have more energy? Well rested? Perhaps regular bowel movements and in a good mood?

How does it compare to how you feel now?

4. What would you do differently at your best health?⁠

What activities are you missing out on? Any social events? Hobbies?

5. Who would you surround yourself with? Who would you no longer talk to?⁠

Are your friends constantly talking about their latest diet? Are you comparing yourself to your friends? Make sure that you're surrounding yourself with people who are positive influence.

In this body obsessed world, it's easy to be swayed by what we see on media and diet culture.

But the reality is, you can be super fit, eat extremely healthy, and still be unhappy. Think about what it means to be healthy. What can you start doing differently today?