Kind Words




"Before working with Mayuko, I was struggling with self-love, self-forgiveness, and all-or-nothing thinking, which were tied to my Binge Eating Disorder. 

My biggest wins and perspective shifts from the Intuitive Eating coaching was acknowledging where much of my Binge Eating comes from, and creating intention based goals for myself rather than setting myself up for rigid steps to follow.

I’m able to understand how a lot of my mindset affected not only how I eat, but how I worked and socialized. Intuitive eating helped me know what the sensation of feeling full was like, and also what the sensation of feeling self-love is like. I kept telling Mayuko “this is weird”, because I truly didn’t know the feeling sometimes. I am able to communicate my needs with my family and friends, and I’m able to express my wants and needs better everyday.

What I loved about Mayuko's coaching was that much of her focus wasn’t necessarily about food itself. She focused on areas of your life where you may be feeling pressure, scarcity, limitations, trauma, and helped you think about these things without the context of food first.


I had a hard time in many therapeutic settings because the question was always when did you start eating this way, but usually the when didn’t explain or coincide with the why. I am now feeling worthy, motivated, and less pressured."

- Mariel P

"For as long as I can remember I have constantly felt bound and stressed by food and the appearance of my body. I decided to work with Mayuko because I had such a deep need to feel freedom and peace.

It has been three months since my first call with Mayuko and I feel a new sense of freedom and peace in all areas of my life. I am an intuitive eater, I am more aware of the needs of my body, and I love who I am and the ways I am becoming more of my truer self.

I loved that Mayuko was willing to ask hard questions to get to the root of my struggles. She was encouraging, patient, kind, and thoughtful throughout the entire process. I am on a journey that will ebb and flow but I have the tools to listen and respond to the needs of my body."

- Alex

"Before working with Mayuko, I was struggling with feeling like food and losing weight were controlling the majority of my thoughts. 


Mayuko helped me to learn to listen to my body and move towards eliminating emotional eating from my life.  Through finding better ways to deal with my anxiety and insecurities, I now feel equipped to manage these feelings and emotions in ways that make me feel better about myself, not worse. 


Mayuko's approach was thoughtful, not pushy, kind and felt totally catered to what I personally respond to and where I was at in the process. 


I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone struggling with their relationship with food, exercise and/or body image."

- Kelly M 

"She creates a very safe space that is supremely nonjudgmental! 

My weight and food had been a challenge for many decades.
I was totally out of touch with hunger, fullness and satiety cues - had no idea, really - and I learned to gauge those physically in my body. It's helped me gain some peace with the aging process.


It was quite an experience that changed how I interact with food, and gave me both a foundation and action steps to move forward on a healthy path.

I recommend working with Mayuko on the 90 day Intuitive Eating Program. It’s a different way of approaching food that gets outside all the garbage we’re bombarded with in so many ways."

- Karen B