Kind Words

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"For most of my adult life, it has been difficult for me to have pride and feel confident in my body and the way I nourish it (or not). 


The greatest thing I've taken from Mayuko's Intuitive Eating Program has been this instilled pride and new-found advocacy for each ounce of muscle, fat & flesh which embodies & protects my soul.


Our relationships to food, just like our bodies, are extremely personal to every individual...

With Mayuko's help, I was able to break down barriers I didn't know existed within myself & build boundaries when appropriate so I can better thrive.


From journaling prompts to breaking down diet culture, the steps in her program have allowed me to further harvest a relationship to food & my being that I only wish I had growing up. So happy to say: Better late than never!!"




"Before working with Mayuko, I was struggling with self-love, self-forgiveness, and all-or-nothing thinking, which were tied to my Binge Eating Disorder.

My biggest wins and perspective shifts from the Intuitive Eating coaching was acknowledging where much of my Binge Eating comes from, and creating intention based goals for myself rather than setting myself up for rigid steps to follow.

I’m able to understand how a lot of my mindset affected not only how I eat, but how worked and socialized. Intuitive eating helped me know what the sensation of feeling full was like, and also what the sensation of feeling self-love is like. I kept telling Mayuko “this is weird”, because I truly didn’t know the feeling sometimes. I am able to communicate my needs with my family and friends, and I’m able to express my wants and needs better everyday.


What I loved about Mayuko's coaching was that much of her focus wasn’t necessarily about food itself. She focused on areas of your life where you may be feeling pressure, scarcity, limitations, trauma, and helped you think about these things without the context of food first. I had a hard time in many therapeutic settings because the question was always when did you start eating this way, but usually the when didn’t explain or coincide with the why.

I am now feeling worthy, motivated, and less pressured"




"The internal struggles with accepting my body and my relationship with food were heavy burdens that I normalized at a young age.


Some of my most profound shifts in perspective that Mayuko has assisted me with are trusting my body, releasing judgment and creating awareness of external input that may be feeding me things (both literally and figuratively) that are not aligned with my optimal way of living.


It brings me so much joy to know that I now am authentically an intuitive eater!"



"I felt seen, heard, valued and supported throughout the 90 days. Mayuko helped me heal my relationship with food, but also helped me develop a nourishing, loving relationship with my own body. Because of my chronic yeast/bv infections I was very negative about my vagina/pelvic area. But through this program, I was able to see my entire body in a new light and to appreciate and listen to its needs, too. Thanks Mayuko!"



Mayuko’s approach to coaching is very balanced and very individualized.  She establishes a great rapport to your particular relationship to food and eating.  I was very impressed by her ability to create an environment where I felt safe enough to talk about food issues that I have never, ever talked about with anybody before. 


I am now feeling at peace with food and my eating habits.  I know that my awareness of food and eating habits increased exponentially through her coaching.  I have foundation to approach food and my eating habits that will always be present for me through internal perception.


"Mayuko helped me to learn to listen to my body and move towards eliminating emotional eating from my life.  Through finding better ways to deal with my anxiety and insecurities, I now feel equipped to manage these feelings and emotions in ways that make me feel better about myself, not worse. 


Mayuko's approach was thoughtful, not pushy, kind and felt totally catered to what I personally respond to and where I was at in the process. 


I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone struggling with their relationship with food, exercise and/or body image."